Multan is a city and capital of Multan Division located in Punjab, is renowned for its large number of Sufi shrines, a lot of devotees and fakir visit these shrines and beggars live around the city. The city and people have a lot of character. It is well known for its great Pehlwan (Wrestlers), bazaar, architecture, Multani Halwa, Multani Mitti, etc.

I visited Multan first time in 2009 when I took these photos and I still remember every face and the narrow streets around the city.

Famous Persian Saying About Multan
Original in Persian
چهار چيز است تحفه در مولتان.....گرد وگرما گدا و گورستان

Translation in English:
Four things
are Gifts of Multan.
& Graveyards
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