James Bond - Coke Zero Limited Edition Cans
For Saudi Market

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Art Direction
Agency: Ogilvy
The Signature
Martini. It’s Bond’s iconic drink and tagline. So, let’s put a Coca-Cola twist on Bond’s love of fancy drinks and make Coke Zero signature drinks inspired by some of James Bond’s most memorable lines.
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We turned the best Bond films into limited-edition cans. Can you track them down?

Grid of Gulps
Let’s show off the price and designs of the can in a graphic and eye-catching way.
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The limited-edition No Time to Die Coke Zero cans are only 1 SAR. So how many will you collect?

YouTube Bumpers

Recreate iconic title sequence with the tops of coke cans acting as the ‘dots’ in the beginning. When the gun barrel searches, it would initially pan over nothing before landing on an upright Coke Zero can.

Look Again
Bond is edgy, confident and always looking good. Let’s show off how our cans can do the same with the eye-catching Mura Masa effect.
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You’ve never seen a Coke Zero look like this. Get the limited-edition design while you can. Legendary taste. Zero Sugar.

Garage Reveal
The latest and greatest bond cars are always revealed in a dramatic scene with doors opening. Let’s use this cinematic trope to flaunt the latest and greatest from Coca-Cola – limited edition 007 inspired cans.
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Legendary taste. Zero Sugar. Now in with exclusive cans inspired by James Bond himself.

Test Your Knowledge - quiz
Bond fans are hardcore. Let’s put them to the test by creating a 3 question quiz on Instagram stories. If they answer them all right, they’ll get a chance to win free movie tickets and snacks to complete the experience.
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Pick Your Fav
We’ll use the slider to have people vote on which can design/movie they thought was best
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Stories End Frame

Triple 0
Much like 007, Coke Zero has a lot of, well, zeros.
So, let’s capitalize on this by turning the title sequence into a way to say more about the product.
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